What would it look like if every follower of Christ in a local congregation realized that God has placed them in the lives they live in, around the people they live with, for a purpose?

What would it look like if Christ followers also realized that purpose was to give those same people an opportunity to see the Gospel in action, to lovingly proclaim its message and give them a chance to respond?

The heart behind the MyCircle Initiative is to help equip the people of God to participate in God’s redemptive mission within the context of their daily lives and relationships, by helping them understand how to:

    1. Identify the network of relationships in the midst of which God has placed them; this is their circle.

    2. Meaningfully engage their circle through prayer and a tangible Gospel presence.

    3. Share their grace story as well as proclaim the Gospel to the people in their circle.

Whether a person is a new believer or a life-long follower, MyCircle will help equip them by giving practical ways to live a life of mission and understand the theology behind it, all within an ongoing framework of accountability, encouragement and prayer. Participants will have their hearts moved, minds expanded and wills challenged to not be satisfied with missional inactivity.

Whether your desire is to walk through the material personally, as a small group, or as an entire congregation, the MyCircle Training can be formatted to meet your needs. It can be taught live, or via DVDs.

Please contact us if you have any questions about how to bring The MyCircle Training to your family, small group, and/or congregation.

Jim Murphy was one of the founding pastors of Missio Church in Syracuse, NY (www.missiochurch.org). Missio began as a congregation in September of 2008 with the goals of mobilizing Christ’s people to live a faithful life of worship and to participate in saturating Syracuse and beyond with the Gospel message. Working with Saturation Church Planting International (www.scpi.org), important convictions were set for Missio that frame the philosophy and methodology for how the goals would be achieved.

These convictions are:

  • Whatever God is going to do in the world, He is primarily going to do through all of Christ’s people.
  • Whatever God is going to do in the world through Christ’s people, He is primarily going to do through leaders who look to empower Christ’s people as their first priority.
  • Whatever God is going to do in the world through Christ’s people, He is primarily going to do it through a decentralized structure.

With these convictions in place and a brokenness for the geography, Jim’s role was to mobilize the entire body to reach people far from Christ in a strategic, qualitative, and measurable way. He’s desire was to see all of Christ’s people empowered, released, encouraged, and held accountable to grow as missionaries to the world around them. The goal was every person, family, and small group to be on mission within the context of their daily lives and relationships. Thus, The MyCircle Training was born. 

MyCircle is meant to be a congregational strategy that encompasses three important aspects:

Comprehensive and practical training

Development of a corporate strategy to help the Body grow, be held accountable, celebrate, and collaborate together in living a life of mission.

Establish an evangelistic leadership that is released into the corporate strategy that has as their primary goal the empowerment of all of Christ’s people.
As these areas of have developed, God has moved in and through His people. Other congregations began to inquire about The MyCircle Training and the thinking behind it, which has caused it grow beyond Missio Church. Now, MyCircle is being made available through the five session training and through coaching. The prayer is that it can be as useful of a tool for other congregations in seeing every man, woman, and child reached through every person that belongs to Jesus Christ! 

It is important to have good training. This is true for most everything, and is especially true when it comes to equipping Christ followers in the task of evangelism. As important as good training is, it is just as important to have the right corporate environment and leadership. This ensures that those who go through the training can grow in it because there are leaders and a system built for that purpose. 

With this in mind, coaching is available to those congregations who would like to utilize The MyCircle Training. The coaching relationship would be centered around:

  • Implementing the training for the entire congregation.
  • Developing what the corporate environment would look like after the training.
  • Establishing the necessary evangelistic leadership that would need to be released into the corporate environment.
  • Developing a missional strategy for the saturation of the geography around them with the Gospel message through all of Christ’s people.   

All of the coaching would be built around convictions and principles that will be lived out differently in each congregation. The goal is to see all of Christ’s people work together inside an intentional corporate environment for the full evangelization of a geography.

If you are interested in learning more about the coaching process, the types of coaching available, and cost, please feel free to contact us.


The MyCircle Training is an initiative designed to assist congregations in equipping and releasing Christ’s people to participate in God’s redemptive mission within the context of their daily lives and communities.

The MyCircle Training is an initiative

MyCircle is designed to help provide a framework that is much more than a onetime training. It is meant to set in motion a corporate environment that galvanizes leadership, small groups, discipleship, services, missions, planning and more to see geographies saturated with the Gospel through the whole Body of Christ.

Assisting congregations

This is not about simply adopting an outside program. The MyCircle Training rests on biblical principles and convictions that can be lived out in many different ways. The goal is to work with local congregations in their context for the purpose of seeing them poised to be fully mobilized around what God wants for His people.

Equipping and releasing Christ’s people

One of the core convictions of this initiative is God’s desire to work through all of Christ’s people. Equipping them is extremely important. It is one of the primary reasons Jesus gave leadership to The Church (Ephesians 4:11-12). The MyCircle Training gives practical teaching around four outcomes that, when present in the life of a Christ follower, lead to a life on mission. The congregational environment they are a part of needs to create structures and plans around helping them grow, be held accountable, celebrate God’s activity, and collaborate with other believers to reach out through these four outcomes.

Participating in God’s redemptive mission

God is on a mission to redeem a people back to Himself through the Person and work of Jesus Christ. The focal point of The MyCircle Training is equipping and releasing Christ’s people to see the Gospel on display through them in word and in deed. This is an evangelistic initiative. One of the most important components is helping congregations prepare The Church to proclaim the Good News and how God has had mercy on them. Imagine if your whole congregation lived an intentional life, putting the Gospel on display through their decisions, marriages, obedience, and community...and at the same time were equipped to declare it!

Within the context of their daily live

The people in our primary mission field are our neighbors, co-workers, family,friends, and the people we see on a regular basis. Of course it is not limited to them, but so often these relationships can be the most neglected. The heart behind MyCircle is to equip and release Christ’s people to share the Gospel in their primary mission field. MyCircle will help them place proclamation inside of conversation within the context of a meaningful relationship. It is also about helping congregations begin to take responsibility for the community and people around them. If each person has a circle of influence to reach, the same is true for the congregation.

  • How does one go about doing this? 
  • What does an intentional and strategic plan for reaching into a community look like?
  • Where do church leaders begin?

These are extremely important questions and are all a part of the process of The MyCircle Training. Imagine what God could do as each person and congregation plays their part in God’s redemptive mission, movement can truly happen. This is not about a couple of people doing massive
amounts of work. It is about all of Christ’s people, all of His congregations doing something intentional every day, for the glory of God and the good of the world around them! Will you go on this journey? Imagine what God could do if these things were put in place in your context.

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