It is important to have good training. This is true for most everything, and is especially true when it comes to equipping Christ followers in the task of evangelism. As important as good training is, it is just as important to have the right corporate environment and leadership. This ensures that those who go through the training can grow in it because there are leaders and a system built for that purpose. 

With this in mind, coaching is available to those congregations who would like to utilize The MyCircle Training. The coaching relationship would be centered around:

  • Implementing the training for the entire congregation.
  • Developing what the corporate environment would look like after the training.
  • Establishing the necessary evangelistic leadership that would need to be released into the corporate environment.
  • Developing a missional strategy for the saturation of the geography around them with the Gospel message through all of Christ’s people.   

All of the coaching would be built around convictions and principles that will be lived out differently in each congregation. The goal is to see all of Christ’s people work together inside an intentional corporate environment for the full evangelization of a geography.

If you are interested in learning more about the coaching process, the types of coaching available, and cost, please feel free to contact us.